Thursday, 9 May 2013


shadow, smoke, dark basement.
'how soon is now' punching the speakers.
your silhouette has appeared against the floor's followspot.
hell at the tower.
the chaos has begun.
i've seen you and i danced as if i was going to die.
you've walked around me as if you were going to drink my soul.
shadow, smoke, dark basement.
your angel blond hair.
i felt when you surrounded me.
felt when you danced inside me.
swung my hips pretending to be praying. to hurt you, indeed.
shadow, smoke, dark basement.
i've looked at you with lynx eyes.
i let you think that you were seducing me.
when, actually, who was seducing was me.
flashing lights, i couldn't see your face.
just my leather boots and your angel hair, together, dancing in the middle of the chaos.
shadow, smoke, dark basement.
i felt when i blew up your mind. i felt so badly.
i found out that there's music in hell. well.
dragged into my world that on that night was
shadow, smoke, dark basement.
i danced for you as a whore and a mother.
you, you haven't changed the beat. zombie beat. hypnotized beat.
i closed my eyes when have felt you close enough to listen your heart
(in the middle of the shadow, smoke, dark basement),
beat very strong: 


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