Wednesday, 29 January 2014


i'm learning everyday
how to be good
or bad
an angel or a whore
how to understand and be patient
how to think the same way you are thinking
how to see which type of heart it is
how can i touch it
how can i talk to it
i'm learning everyday rather i need to be just ME
or something that you're projecting IN me
a character or a human being
how to be sweet or salt
soft or angry
if i got to talk properly or scream bad words to the leafs
i'm learning everyday how to walk on a glass road
without break it
or be so gentle that the glass turns against me
and cut my hand
my soul
who i am.
i'm learning everyday that,
in the end,
i need to be a lot of questions without answers,
more than anything.
even if i don't understand you heart
i don't touch it
i don't talk to it
even if i need to be good and bad
an angel and a whore
in the end
that's me.

Friday, 24 January 2014

the silver lining.

she wants the silver lining of a cold afternoon
in front of the window she draws like an angel
playing with fire and watter
she wants the childish way of walk, talk, look
she turns off the light and the cooker
she turns on her body and soul
she wants the silver lining of a life
already had lived
she looks at the night and thinks about blow on the bird
eugenia, the red and selfish bird
she thinks about gentle fingers
and how the human being is unfortunate in his own road
how we take the ride, smile to the floor, to the flowers, to the dust
and fall into a deep mistake of ideas, pre ideias, pre the present.
do not pre the present,
it's here
and it's the best thing that you
do not pre the present.

Saturday, 11 January 2014


this corner
the perfect me
with all my flaws
the green, the cold, the leafs
this corner
when i was smiling
was the most beautiful place in the

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


my veins were burning so hard
that i could hardly tell you
how many times i've been in hell
and came back to tell the story
through my eyes
through the way that i move
the way that i look
how many times i've talked to myself
to explain that peace and love were the same thing
my veins were exploding in a way
that i had to leave you
with the feeling that
when i look
i burn out.
when i move
i melt down.
how many times i've been in hell
and had discovered that actually
it's cold, blue and quiet.
then you gonna figure out that
when i look
i'm asking the meaning of the universe.
and when i move...
when i move.
when i move.