Wednesday, 29 January 2014


i'm learning everyday
how to be good
or bad
an angel or a whore
how to understand and be patient
how to think the same way you are thinking
how to see which type of heart it is
how can i touch it
how can i talk to it
i'm learning everyday rather i need to be just ME
or something that you're projecting IN me
a character or a human being
how to be sweet or salt
soft or angry
if i got to talk properly or scream bad words to the leafs
i'm learning everyday how to walk on a glass road
without break it
or be so gentle that the glass turns against me
and cut my hand
my soul
who i am.
i'm learning everyday that,
in the end,
i need to be a lot of questions without answers,
more than anything.
even if i don't understand you heart
i don't touch it
i don't talk to it
even if i need to be good and bad
an angel and a whore
in the end
that's me.

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